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Uncle Jonesy's Cameras

Dec 22, 2021

Gather round the children as we share the old old story of one film photographer's very special Christmas.

Happy Shooting!

Dec 18, 2021

I'm back with our sixth show in six weeks, and I begin it with five darkroom tips that I learned the hard way. You probably already know these, but if you  don't, they will save you time and resources. 

It's the season for giving, and UJC is giving away a camera! Find out how to enter by listening to the show!


Dec 10, 2021

We all love holiday lights! So how do we capture them on film. Night photography, of course. Is it rocket science? Not if you follow a few simple steps and use the right gear and film. Kevin shares what he learned recently.

We're having a photowalk! At least we hope we are, weather permitting. Get all the details...

Dec 1, 2021

The UJC Podcast is back, and it's that wonderful time of year when us photographers will be capturing lots of memories on film. In fact, instant film is a great choice for the holidays, and Kevin shares some tips on how to get good results when using a vintage Polaroid camera with the new Polaroid film.

Have you ever...

Nov 24, 2021

One show a week for the rest of the year? Is it really possible? We don't know, but here we are with this "bumpy" show, as I discuss my ill-fated attempt to make contact prints in my small condo bathroom. Bottom line:  the large format journey continues, but the printing at home idea goes "down the toilet."

Our 2021...