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Uncle Jonesy's Cameras

May 8, 2019

The Shutter Brothers are here once again to give you a dose of film photography inspiration and education. Do you have filters in your camera bag that you don't know how to use? Was there a filter on the lens of that camera you just came home recently? Chances are that you have one of several filters that some folks simply leave on their lens all the time, but what do they do? Kevin does a deep dive into UV, UV Haze, and UV Skylight filters that, while they may project your lens from dirt and damage, they also have specific purposes that could help you make better photographs in certain conditions.

Next, Kelley introduces us to a great book on American Civil War photography, War Photographs Taken on the Battlefield of the Civil War by Matthew Brady and Alexander Gardner. Many of you will recognize the names of Brady and Gardner as well-known Civil War photographers, and this book puts much of their work in one very nice volume. Their photographs are, of course of of the wet plate variety, and the quality of the work is amazing, especially giving the conditions in which they were made. The book can be purchased online here.

Kelley continues with a camera, the Canon T70 SLR, which was Canon's entry into the automated yet fully manual 35mm camera market. The camera utilizes various program and automatic exposure modes, a built-in spot meter, a motor drive and has a large, bright viewfinder. Like many cameras of its era, it completely relies on battery power to work. Without batteries, the camera will not power up. Canon T70's are plentiful and relatively inexpensive, so if you come across one, consider giving it a try.

Finally, the Shutter Brothers answer some great questions from listeners about non-photographic accessories, influential photographers, and those missed photographic opportunities.

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