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Uncle Jonesy's Cameras

May 31, 2019

Summer has come to the sunny south, and the Shutter Brothers are celebrating the season by turning the hot dogs on the grill and making some film photography plans. Kelley talks about another flea market find, and this one is epic:  a Nikon N90. This legendary camera was released just after the F4 (Nikon's first autofocus SLR) and included several improved features. Look for a complete review later this summer. 

Meanwhile, Kevin returns to the subject of pushing and pulling film in response to a listener question. If you found yourself in a situation where you wished that you had higher (or lower) speed film, you can shoot the film that you have at a higher (or lower) ISO and compensate for the under (or over) exposure with a change in development time. 

Finally, the Shutter Bro's answer some listener questions about toy and box cameras, photo walks, and favorite colors (blue . . . no, green!) Oh, and a BIG thank you to listener Jay Buie for donating two awesome Nikon N60 cameras for students to use as members of the Woodstation Elementary School Camera Club. 

Happy Shooting!