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Uncle Jonesy's Cameras

Jul 2, 2019

Summertime, and the Shutter Brothers are taking it easy. At least Kevin was with some smooth vacation shooting - until a good camera went bad. Kevin discusses his misadventures with his Minolta X-700 and why every camera owner must think about equipment maintenance. Meanwhile Kelley talks about his plans to capture some of his vacation memories with his Argus/Cosina super 8 movie camera and newly-released Ektachrome movie film from Kodak. Movies on film are back! Finally, the Shutter Brothers discuss their latest camera acquisitions, including an Olympus OM-1 that Kelley found at his favorite local flea market, a Minolta 120 Riva Zoom point & shoot that Kevin paid $5 for at a local antique store, and another Nikon N60 that listener Jay Buie donated to be used by the Woodstation Elementary Camera Club. Thanks again, Jay!